Leasing Your Property

Letting out your investment property

Buying an investment property will be remembered as one of your most reliable long term financial decisions, So why not maximise your profits by entrusting your investment to Arthur Tsounis Real Estate, Out property management systems and procedures have been in practice for over fifteen years, the system we run our managements though have been tried and tested over this time, and are now even more technologically advanced than ever before.

At Arthur Tsounis Real Estate we specialise in property management with a true ‘hands on approach’. We believe that our wealth of experience in the management of residential and commercial properties is exactly what your investment property needs to achieve higher results.

When it comes to your investment property we understand what is important to you as a Landlord, Profit, Protection, Prompt Service and competitive rates.


So what can we do for your property?

Finding the right resident for your investment is absolutely essential; this is achieved through the careful screening of all applicants through detailed application forms and background checks. This information allows us to make an educated decision based on each applicant’s identification, proof of income, previous rental references as well as employment history.

Keeping in mind current market conditions, on average it takes between ten and twenty days to find a suitable tenant. But it is important to keep in mind the overriding factor that is; we aren’t just looking for any tenant, but for the right resident for your property.

Keeping rental arrears low, payments regular and ensuring the tenant maintains the property in a satisfactory manner are out primary concerns.

Helping you present your property is one of the first steps our office will take in the letting process. We will ensure that your property is ‘rent ready’ prior to advertising; this will prompt a rental return that mirrors the condition of the premises.

In regards to advertising we employ a range of advertising sources to effectively market your property. The aim here is to make information about your property accessible to the right people at the right time. Our advertising methods are flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs. Ask one of our experienced property managers how we can market your property in the most effective way for you.